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The Great British Baking Show


Never before have I experienced such a combination of hatred (for the British) and shear excitement at the thought of a cake falling over. GBBO has captured our American hearts in a way that I thought was reserved for drag races (both kinds) and sex offenders. 
And I have to admit, despite all of the flaws, (Paul Hollywood being at least six of them). It is a damn good show.
Before we begin, we should review the cast of characters that this season has given us:

Phil, AKA: G. Fish, Van Dyke, Misc English Dad, Full Cockney

Jamie, AKA: Boy Toy - Going home week 2, Earring, Every jock you've ever met, plays guitar, unclear why he's here, clearly a guitar, obviously named Jamie, QB, JBRO, JJ, Chad

David, AKA: Nazi, Neo-Nazi, Al Opesha

Henry, AKA: Knock-off Harry Potter (Garry Trotter, Perry Notter)

Michelle, AKA: Cradle Robber, Welsche, Hiding Greys, Wants to fuck BoyToy, Cruella DeVille

Bob, AKA: Bob #2, Haircut

Alice, AKA: NavyBot, BakerBot, are those her real eyes?

Steph, AKA: Bangs, Eye Shadow, English (knock off) Zooey Deschanel, Werewolf Bar-mitzvah, BizKat, Ging, Car Mechanic??

Rosie, AKA: Sad Mom, Standard British Lady (SBL),

Amelia, AKA: FireShirt, Sassy Millenial, Flourishing Nerd

Michael. AKA: Warby Parker, Cut himself THREE TIMES IN ONE EPISODE, Max Headrom

Helana, AKA: Cruella DeVille, Halloween girl

Now let's review Week 3 - Bread Week.

One of the best things that GBBO gives us is the devastating challenge of completing a task that would be difficult for a professional and giving it to an amateur, with an extreme time constraint. (An important difference between this show and Top Chef). We also learned that the English have a slightly adorable misunderstanding of how they sound to the rest of the world. Some real quotes from this weeks episode: "Nice looking loaf", and "make two large loaves to impress the judges". 
I was also impressed with the number of shots the crew managed to get of contestants eating bananas (I counted three). So we should add it to the list (and also start the list).

GBBO Drinking Games (running tally): 
  1. Banana Shot - banana liquor
  2. English Person says double-entendre without realizing - Take a Shot

We’ll come back to that.
GBBO Cont. Michelle
Meanwhile Michelle reiterated the fact that she is Welsh, which is a brag that I do not understand. But she managed to squeeze out a loaf that the judges were impressed by and we we'll see her next week. 

In summation, to tie this week up in a nice little bow the number of buttons buttoned on Pauls shirt became dangerously low. 

“Good taste well not get you far”